Applicants are advised to make the payments for the Consular services as per the schedule published under the “Charges for Consular Services”.

Payment Instructions for Consular Services

 As per the Norwegian Financial Regulations, the Embassy is accepting payment through the Embassy Bank Account only. 

Applicants are strictly advised to deposit the exact amount for the consular services to the Embassy Bank account No. 7058.05.77189, DNB.

The Embassy does not accept Money Orders or cheques. Cash should not be sent by mail / post. No Vipps payments.

If the documents are sent by post, a printed copy of the bank transaction confirming the payment, including the charge for the services and postage for return of documents should be enclosed with the application. Applicants who wish to receive their documents by post, should pay the postage to the Embassy’s account. 

Postage for return of documents by Registered Post

For addresses in Norway                : NOK 205 (Small packages) / NOK 250 (Medium packages) / NOK 350 (Large packages)

For Finland and Iceland  (or any other foreign country) : NOK 230 (Small packages) / NOK 300 (Medium packages) / NOK 500 (Large packages)

* Small: Thickness up to 2 cm - envelope size up to B5 (17.6 x 25 cm)
   Medium: Thickness up to 2 cm - envelope size up to B4 (25 x 35.3 cm)
   Large: More than 2 cm thick or envelope size larger than B4 ( 25 x 35.3 cm)

More information and prices -

Account Details

Bank                                                    : DNB Norway

Account No.                                       : 70580577189

IBAN                                                    : NO81 7058 0577 189

BIC (SWIFT CODE)                              : DNBANOKKXXX

Bank charges for International Payments

Please note that the Norwegian Bank charges a transaction fee of NOK 50 for each International transaction. Therefore, the applicants who make the payments from Finland and Iceland, are advised to add the transaction fee (NOK 50) to the consular fees published in the website.