Applicants are advised to apply for registration of birth within 3 months after the birth, in order to avoid difficulties.

Application procedure

Duly filled application forms should be submitted to the Consular Section of the Embassy together with the supporting documents mentioned below.

         1. Duly filled “Declaration of Birth Form 16 (B 4)"

         2. Duly filled “Annex A” in duplicate

         3. Duly filled “Citizenship Form 1"

Applicants are kindly requested to complete all the cages in the application form appropriately and make sure not to leave any cages blank. Declarant of the Birth (father or mother) should place his/her signature in the applications/ declarations in front of an Embassy official.

If the applicant is unable to visit the Embassy to submit the application, his/her signature must be attested by the Honorary Consul General for Sri Lanka (Finland and Iceland) or Government registered Justice of Peace/Notary Public/ Attorney-at-Law/Solicitor. 

Supportive documents required -

- Original Passports of the parents

- Original Foreign Birth Certificate of the child

Parents are advised to obtain an English translation of the Foreign Birth Certificate and submit the English version to the Consular Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Norway/Finland or Iceland for certification, before submitting it as a supportive document to the Birth Registration Application. 

- Original Marriage certificate of the parents. If the marriage has been registered outside Sri Lanka it should be countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the relevant country. If the parents are unmarried, consent letter of the father must be submitted to the Embassy in person, to include his name to the birth certificate of the child.

- Original Birth Certificates of the parents. Please submit the English translation also together with the original certificate, if available

- Original Citizenship Certificate of parents if they were born outside Sri Lanka.

- Original Residence Permit Cards of parents (compulsory) and the child (if available). 

- If one of the parents does not have a valid travel document and / or valid visa he/she should produce a letter from the Immigration Authority to prove his/her eligibility to live in Norway/Finland or Iceland.

- If the father or mother is a citizen of a country other than Sri Lanka, his/her foreign Passport with the citizenship certificate.