The Embassy will accept applications for changing name in passports in the following occasions. 

1. When the applicant needs to change the surname after marriage

2. When the applicant has already changed the first name, middle name or surname in the Birth Certificate and needs to  endorse the new name in current passport.

The following documents are required. 

1.  Duly filled application Form O

2.  Original Marriage Certificate and the Birth Certificate.

If the marriage has been registered outside Sri Lanka, the Marriage Certificate should be countersigned by the relevant authorities. (Eg: If the Marraige has been registered in Norway, the Marraige Certificate should be countersigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway)

3.  Passports of husband and wife

4.  Residence Permit (Residence Card) issued by the Norwegian authorities

5. Original Birth Certificate issued by the Registrar General's Department, Sri Lanka, which indicates the altered name of the applicant - when applying for changing name / any part of the name except the surname.

Please note that the Embassy does not accept applications to make any changes in Birth Certificates. Applicants are advised to contact the Registrar General's Department of Sri Lanka in such occasions.