Visa for Journalists / Media Personal

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All journalists/media personnel who visit Sri Lanka for journalists/media activities should obtain prior visa from the Sri Lankan Embassy in Oslo or from the Visa Section of the Department of Immigration and Emigration, Colombo by submitting proof of evidence.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations in Sri Lanka does not recommend accreditation for journalists who arrive in Sri Lanka on tourist visas.

List of equipment carried by the media personnel should be forwarded to the Embassy well in advance with the application in order to inform Colombo for obtaining clearance.

Prior approval from the appropriate authorities of the Government of Sri Lanka should be obtained by those who intend to visit Sri Lanka to engage in the purposes mentioned below;

Filming of Tourism Promotional Documentaries

-Media teams going to Sri Lanka for filming of tourism promotional documentaries or for familiarization tours organized by the “Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau” are required to fill the form "SLTB selection criteria for journalist/TV crews for FAM tours”.

-Please note that SLTB needs at least 30 working days for processing the relevant documents prior to the scheduled commencement of the projects. Such media teams should have a ground handling team to coordinate the project in Sri Lanka.

Filming of Documentaries / Feature Films

-Media personnel, going to Sri Lanka to film documentaries, feature films will require to complete and submit the "National Film Co-corporation Agreement" along with the synopsis of the documentary, itinerary of the media team in Sri Lanka as well as the location of the filming, to the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka to obtain the approval.

Further Details are available at the NFC Website at:

-Please note that documents should be submitted to the Embassy well in advance at least 14 working days prior to the scheduled departure date of the crew with the NFC approval in order to forward the same to the Ministry of External Affairs of Sri Lanka for accreditation.

-Participate in Media conferences, meetings, workshops or seminars and News coverage

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Visa Procedure for Journalist/ Media activities

Applicants are kindly requested to produce following documents for the processing of visa.

  • Duly filled Application for Business Visa. 
  • Recently taken two colour photographs. (Size 4.5c.m.x3.5c.m)
  • Passport, which should have at least 06 months validity period
  • List of Camera/Media equipment carried by the media personnel along with a carnet or bank guarantee for customs purpose Form. 
  • Letter of request addressed to the Ambassador, Embassy of Sri Lanka, Oslo, by the particular media organization. For freelance journalists, a letter from the Editor of a reputed publication and a letter by the applicant him/herself.
  • Letter should explain the following details appropriately.
  • Name and Passport No. of the journalist/media person.
  • Purpose of the assignment.
  • Brief introduction of the organization.
  • Brief information about the journalist/media person.
  • Details of the contact person in Sri Lankan.
  • Introduction on the previous documentaries, articles, films and news coverage done by the applicant/ affiliated organization about Sri Lanka
  • For Filming of tourism promotional and wildlife related documentaries required to contact the SLTPB 
  • For Filming/ documentary purposes, required to contact the "National Film Co-corporation" to submit the NFC application and sign the NFC agreement