Norwegian Nationals who wish to visit Sri Lanka, for employment with NGOs in Sri Lanka, should obtain prior visa from the Embassy. Therefore, applicants are advised to submit applications for visa to the Embassy, well in advance to avoid unnecessary delays.

The Employer of the applicant is advised to directly contact the Controller General, Immigration and Emigration in Colombo in connection with the visa application, for visa. After obtaining approval from the Controller General, Immigration and Emigration, Colombo, the Mission can only issue an entry visa valid for a period of one month.

Payments can be made in cash at the Embassy or to the Embassy Bank account No. 7058.05.77189 DNB NOR. Please make sure to send a copy of bank transaction receipt along with the application form. Visa fees can be found under Charges for Consular Services.

Those who apply visa under this category should produce following documents with the application form.
   1. Duly filled Application for a visit Visa (IM 32 Form B).
   2. Valid passport, which should be valid for at least 6 months before its expiry.
   3. Recently taken, two passport size (4.5c.m x 3.5c.m) color photographs.
   4. A letter addressed to the Ambassador, Embassy of Sri Lanka, and Oslo by the related NGO in Norway.

The letter should include the following details.

       i.        Name and passport number of the person scheduled to visit Sri Lanka.
      ii.        Purpose of the visit.

     iii.        Brief description about the organization.

     iv.        Contact details of the person in Sri Lanka.