The Government of Sri Lanka strongly protests against the efforts by the Foundation Film from the South for the screening of the documentary film “No Fire Zone: the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka”.


Sri Lanka views this film ’No Fire Zone: the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka, which follows the screening of Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields’ (June 2011) and ‘Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields: War Crimes Unpunished’ (March 2012), as part of a cynical, concerted and orchestrated vilification campaign against the country and clearly motivated by collateral political considerations.


The disputed series of Channel 4 films contain discredited, uncorroborated and unsubstantiated materials.  No Fire Zone: the Killing Fields of Sri Lanka’ documentary comes from largely rehashed and recycled materials to suite to the story line.  Further, the documentary liberally uses the video footages from LTTE’s propaganda television and substantiates its story with the identified LTTE Front Organization members such as Ms. Vani Kumar.  The Government of Sri Lanka has also highlighted the misinterpretation and manipulation made in the statement of civilians in the documentary for which so fat it has not received any response from the film producer.


The Channel 4 previously turned down repeated requests by Sri Lanka’s domestic reconciliation mechanism, the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission (LLRC), to make available to them a copy of the original footage, so that its authenticity can be verified.  Instead, the Director of the documentary, Mr. Callum Macrae has embarked on a globe trotting venture and gone to great lengths to use the documentaries to vilify Sri Lanka.  In pursuance of his anti Sri Lanka campaign, Mr. Macrae has now joined hands with the very LTTE Front Organizations such as TYO, TNGTE and GTF, which were instrumental in prolonging the misery of Tamil people and now wearing the cloak of human rights advocates.   However, irrespective of Sri Lanka’s categorical rejection of the Channel 4 footage and its authenticity, Sri Lankan authorities has nevertheless begun a process of investigating the allegations.

While the Embassy does not give any credence to either the event or the documentary, wish to state that giving a platform for such a biased documentary would only serve to provide a distorted version of the 30 long years of the conflict and undermine the peace and reconciliation process that is taking root in the country.


17th October 2013

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