• Sri Lanka, a pioneer in economic liberalization in the South Asian region, has for more than two decades been pursuing free market policies, introducing fundamental reforms in the broad areas of investment, fiscal policy, tariffs and exchange rates. The progressive liberalization of the economy since 1977 has resulted in a business friendly environment in Sri Lanka.
  • The major objective of the present government's industrial strategy is to develop a competitive and export-oriented market economy. The industrial strategy has been specifically designed to create a climate conducive to accelerated growth in the foreign and local investment.
  • The economic performance of the country has been encouraging despite the escalation of separatist conflict in the Northern and the Eastern provinces of Sri Lanka.




Asia's Emerging Growth Centre

  • Sri Lanka has become ASIA'S emerging growth centre, with one of the most vibrant economies in the South Asian region. Liberal, market oriented policies have accelerated the development process and opened new vistas for investment and business opportunities in the country. The country's viability as a commercial base is seen in its modern air and seaports, connected internally to its wide network of rail and roadways. Banking institutions, hotels and other business establishments operated by both local and a communication network linked to the main activity centers of the world effectively supports foreign concerns. Sri Lanka's business community is dependable and quality conscious. Cognizant of a changing global trend, it has assiduously developed its capacity to successfully compete in the most demanding markets.
  • For the discerning international buyer, Sri Lanka has become a highly productive location and an ideal supply source for a variety of quality products & services. Presently identified as the "Hub of South Asia", Sri Lanka is geared for promising long term growth and offers business opportunities to pursue profits in a conducive environment.


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